Testimonials about Dr. David J. Salvador

Ron S
Location: Pembroke Pines
"Chin and love handles"

I'm 45 yrs old. I've always struggled a little with my weight. For the past ten years I've been exercising regularly. I generally eat healthy and have been able to stay in pretty good shape. For the last few years I've noticed a "double chin" that I never had(looks just like my dad's!). I've always had " love handles" but lately it doesn't matter how much I work out they seemed to be getting bigger and hang over my pants. I wear suits to work and am always self conscious of the way my shirts fit. I needed help...I had Safesculpt 6 months ago. The procedure was done under local anesthesia so I was comfortable throughout. I had no pain after the procedure. I noticed a difference in my love handles within the first month. The chin took a little longer. Dr. Salvador explained that there was a lot of skin laxity and it takes some time for the skin to tighten. I can't believe how much better I look in my clothes. My pants fit better and my collars aren't tight anymore.
Dr Salvador's comments:
Men experience a pattern of fat deposition in their forties which frequently causes fat accumulation in their chin and abdomen. As testosterone levels start to decline fat becomes harder to metabolize. At the same time, a decline in collagen density contributes to skin laxity. This can make areas like the chin and love handles look even worse. Diet and exercise alone frequently are not enough. SAFESCULPT Laser Liposuction is an excellent solution to address these problems. SAFESCULPT Laser Liposuction is the only treatment that safely and permanently removes fat AND tightens the skin.

Jan M.
Location: Boynton Beach
"Outer thighs and cellulite"

I am in great shape. I have always been a fitness nut. I love to exercise and always eat healthy. I'm 38 years old. The last few years I have noticed an accumulation of fat in my outer thighs and realized I had saddle bags. I couldn't believe it! To make matters worse the skin around my outer and posterior tights looked really uneven. My mom had a problem with cellulite and now I have it too!
Dr Salvador's comments:
One of the most common "problem areas" for woman of all ages is the outer thighs. Similarly, many woman experience cellulite. Both thigh fat and cellulite are extremely difficult to treat with diet and exercise alone. Outer thigh fat is an area often avoided by physicians doing " traditional liposuction" because the fat removal is often uneven. Another problem with "traditional liposuction" is that it creates scar tissue under the treatment area which can make cellulite worse.
Cellulite occurs because poor blood flow and lymphatic drainage allow harmful substances to build up in the surrounding tissues. These substances irritate the tissue and cause the formation of fibrous scar bands which pull at the skin and create the irregular appearance known as cellulite.
SAFESCULPT is the ONLY treatment that not only treats cellulite but prevents cellulite from returning. SAFESCULPT uses safe, effective ultrasonic energy to smoothly, completely, and permanently remove the unwanted fat from the outer and posterior thighs. The laser than breaks these fibrous bands and stimulates new collagen formation in the skin. The resulted is sculpted thighs with significant improvement in the appearance of the overlying skin.

Wilson Mark

I had SAFESCULPT laser liposuction on my outer and posterior thighs. The results were immediately noticeable. My "saddle bags" were gone.. My skin tightened and improved over a 6 month period. My legs look great!!! I have been wearing shorts and bathing suits again.

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