What’s Happening To My Body?

Fat removal and skin tightening

"What's happening to my body?" is one of the most frequently asked questions we hear. Despite efforts to the contrary, many people find they are still gaining weight and inches. The reasons for this are numerous. Some reasons we gain weight are within our control. Some are not. Our bodies are designed to work in balance with nature. These days, many people who come to see us do not feel in balance. Excessive time at work, inadequate time or energy to exercise, constant stress, and poor nutrition are frequently mentioned. People often feel guilty about seeking out liposuction. They shouldn't.

Facts you should know

1. There is no substitute for a healthy lifestyle that involves healthy nutrition and moderate, physical activity.

2. Long work hours and stress shut down your endocrine system (metabolic syndrome) and immune system (immune deficiency), which makes a person extremely susceptible to weight gain, autoimmune issues, and infection.

3. Our food system has been terribly affected by chemicals, hormones, and unnatural processing, leading to food that is higher in calories but lower in nutrition.

Why would a website for liposuction discuss this? Because the most important thing for us is the health and well-being of our clients. We offer everyone who visits us a comprehensive health evaluation free of charge. Lifestyle choices are discussed in detail. We view our client relationship as a partnership. The success of that partnership requires patients to be empowered with the knowledge to achieve all of their health goals.

Laser lipo

The natural process of aging can result in changes to body shape that cannot be overcome with diet and exercise. Both men and women see a general decline in certain hormones starting in their thirties. Hormones tell your body what to do. As hormones decline, your body starts producing less collagen, which is why our skin loses elasticity. At the same time, it begins accumulating fat. The majority of our clients are already making healthy lifestyle choices, but find they are gaining weight and inches despite their efforts. We can help.

SafeSculpt Laser Liposuction is the solution for safe, effective removal of stubborn fat and tightening skin. SafeSculpt Laser Liposuction is the ONLY solution that removes fat completely AND tightens the skin above. Fat removal and skin tightening are needed to achieve the best results.


Laser and ultrasound assisted liposuction

Despite popular belief, fat is not all bad. Over thousands of years, our bodies evolved to use fat as a storage form of energy. Even today, most nutrition experts recommend that as much as one-third of our calories come from fat. Because the food supply was often inconsistent, fat gave us energy to burn when food was scarce. The problem today is that food is too plentiful. The food supply has also been dangerously altered by the food industry. Meat sources (beef, poultry, and pork) are fed unnatural, high sugar diets (wheat and corn). As a result, the meat supply is dangerously high in "bad fat" (triglycerides). Virtually all food is chemically altered (steroids and hormones in meat, pesticides, preservatives, and GMOs in fruits and vegetables). Prepared foods are increasingly "processed," removing much of the nutritional value.

The typical American diet is low in lean proteins, high in unhealthy fats, and full of dangerous, processed sugars. This diet results in large amounts of unwanted fat. Understanding how nutrition affects your body is extremely important to your health. Before considering a candidate for SafeSculpt Laser Liposuction, we perform a thorough health screening. Helping a client achieve his or her health and beauty goals involves more than just removing unwanted fat and tightening skin. It requires that we empower clients with the knowledge to continue the process after their SafeSculpt Laser Liposuction procedure.

The SafeSculpt Laser Liposuction procedure is able to selectively target fat cells using powerful, safe ultrasonic energy. Because fat is less dense than the skin above or the muscle below, it preferentially absorbs the ultrasonic energy. As the fat absorbs the ultrasonic energy, it melts. The fat is then easily removed as a liquid through a small, smooth instrument. Goodbye unwanted fat!

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