Laser Liposuction in Florida

"Dangerous" (Traditional) liposuction represents any procedure that attempts to remove fat in its solid form. Traditional liposuction has been performed since the 1960's. In nearly fifty years, it has become no more effective and no less dangerous. Dr. Salvador first became interested in liposuction as a consultant in patient safety. Traditional liposuction remains one of the most dangerous elective surgical procedures performed today.

Dangerous liposuction attempts to remove fat under the skin by cutting and grabbing the fat. The instruments are large to prevent clogging. The instruments have blades that are designed to cut the fat and then grab it under suction. The instruments cannot distinguish between fat and the blood vessels and nerves that are in the fat. Consequently, the instruments used in traditional liposuction cause tremendous damage to nerves and blood vessels.

Nerve damage caused by large, sharp instruments means pain for the patient. Dangerous liposuction requires a significant amount of potentially dangerous anesthesia during the procedure. Patients also experience pain and numbness for weeks after the procedure often requiring powerful pain medications.

Blood vessel trauma caused during traditional liposuction may result in serious complications, even death. As blood vessels are torn, patients begin loosing blood as well as other fluids. This outpouring of blood and fluid can cause sudden changes in the delicate balance of electrolytes that regulate nearly all body functions. This may result in irregular, potentially fatal heart rhythms as well as brain seizures. If blood loss is significant enough, patients may require an urgent blood transfusion that carries risks of infection (hepatitis, HIV) and life-threatening transfusion reactions.

Damage to blood vessels caused by dangerous liposuction may also allow pieces of fat to enter the blood stream. This is a catastrophic event often resulting in death, as the fat may block blood flow in the heart, lungs, and brain.

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Why is dangerous liposuction still performed? This is an excellent question to ask any doctor performing this procedure. Traditional liposuction is economical for the physician requiring little time, training, or equipment.

Dangerous liposuction hurts. Patients frequently require pain medications for weeks afterwards. The recovery is lengthy, interrupting both work and leisure activities. Patients often develop sarcomas and hematomas (collections of fluid or blood) under the skin that require surgical drainage. Patients may experience permanent numbness or discomfort in the treated area. If the blades get too close to the skin above the fat, this may cause death of the skin due to interrupted blood flow.

The results are definitely not worth the pain! Because the fat is removed in chunks, the procedure does not leave a smooth skin surface. Dangerous liposuction is very traumatic to the skin, resulting in fibrous scar tissue that pulls at the skin, making it even more irregular. Because traditional liposuction causes so much damage, the procedure must be ended before the fat is completely removed. The fat left in the treatment areas may re-expand over time, making it look like nothing was done.

Many clinics are now offering "safe liposuction." Often this just amounts to a limited, ineffective procedure that still relies on cutting the fat. Sometimes, lasers are used in conjunction with traditional liposuction. While an improvement over traditional liposuction alone, no laser can correct the trauma caused by dangerous liposuction. Finally, lasers used alone to melt fat are ineffective. Lasers are not tissue specific. If a laser is powerful enough to melt fat, it will also burn the surrounding skin. To make lasers safer, manufacturers reduce the laser energy below the level needed to melt significant areas of fat. In contrast, SafeSculpt Laser Liposuction uses Ultrasculpt ultrasonic energy to selectively target fat cells. Ultrasculpt represents the most advanced technology currently available allowing for immediate melting and removal of fat.

SafeSculpt Laser Liposuction is the standard in care, offering a safe, permanent and comprehensive solution to fat removal and skin tightening. SafeSculpt Laser Liposuction liquefies the fat using powerful but safe ultrasound energy. The fat is removed smoothly, leaving a natural, sculpted appearance. SafeSculpt Laser Liposuction also utilizes the Smartlipo laser to tighten the skin. SafeSculpt Laser Liposuction allows for rapid healing. Patients may return to work the following day. Patients resume physical activity and exercise the following day.

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