Permanent Results
   Melt Instead of Cut Fat
   Safe, Powerful Technology
   No Dangerous Liposuction
   Short Recovery Time
   High Customer Satisfaction
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Permanent Results

  •   Melt Instead of Cut Fat
  •   Safe, Powerful Technology
  •   No Dangerous Liposuction
  •   Short Recovery Time
  •   High Customer Satisfaction


SafeSculpt Laser Liposuction is the most advanced procedure available for safely, permanently, and completely removing unwanted fat and tightening skin. SafeSculpt Laser Liposuction utilizes two powerful yet gentle technologies: Ultrasound to melt and remove fat, combined with laser to tighten skin. You will be amazed at the new, healthier you. We invite you to learn more.


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The Safer Approach

  • Safe Powerful technology
  • Ultrasound melts fat
  • Smartlipo laser tightens skin
  • Rapid recovery
Liposuction Surgeon in Palm Beach

No Dangerous Liposuction

  • Cutting versus melting fat
  • Long recovery
  • Painful
  • Low patient satisfaction
Smart lipo in Palm Beach

What's Happening To My Body?

  • Stress
  • Poor nutrition
  • Hormonal changes
  • Skin laxity
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  • Comfort?
  • Safety?
  • Recovery?
  • Effectiveness?


Dr. David Salvador has been caring for patients in the Palm Beach Community for twenty years. Dr. Salvador opened Radiance Medspa in 2005 to provide patients with minimally invasive cosmetic procedures that are safer and more effective than traditional surgical procedures.


  • I'm 45 yrs old. I've always struggled a little with my weight. For the past ten years I've been exercising regularly. I generally eat healthy and have been able to stay in pretty good shape. For the last few years I've noticed a "double chin" that I never had( looks just like my dad's!...Read More

  • I am in great shape. I have always been a fitness nut. I love to exercise and always eat healthy. I'm 38 years old. The last few years I have noticed an accumulation of fat in my outer thighs and realized I had saddle bags. I couldn't believe it! To make matters worse the skin...Read More

  • I had SAFESCULPT laser liposuction on my outer and posterior thighs. The results were immediately noticeable. My "saddle bags" were gone.. My skin tightened and improved over a 6 month period. My legs look great!!! I have been wearing shorts and bathing suits again.Read More


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